Simplifying Home helped me simplify so much of our home and made putting it on the market even easier. Somebody asked if I had to cram stuff into places before a house showing and because of Simplifying Home, I really have nothing to hide anymore! In less than a week of it being for sale we had an offer. Moving is going to be so easy, too! Kristi

Three years after buying our first house it wasn’t any closer to looking like a home. I didn’t know where to start. Trina became my source for all things simplifying and gave me the easiest path to follow toward creating a home we love. Without her insight, encouragement, and ideas our house wouldn’t feel like the cozy, simple home that it is today! Alysa

By using Trina’s practical solutions for organization and purging, I’ve been able to create a breathable space for my family to call home, and contribute to my community through donation. This inspired a lifestyle change that gently transformed my house into a more peaceful home. Katy

Start Where You Are

There’s no need to wait for “one day.” A simple home can be found right there where you are in the chaos of your life.

Embrace the Process

If all the simple inspiration makes you think, “That’s nice, but how?” then it may be time for more specific help.

Find Peace + Support

When it’s all just “too much” a community of support can make all the difference to exchange ideas and celebrate progress.