Why Your Home Isn’t Simple, Yet

My #1 mistake in simplifying was thinking it would or should be easy. It all started shortly after getting married. We lived in a tiny 2-bedroom apartment that really wasn’t big enough to even have two bedrooms. Our “furniture” included: A free sofa...
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How I Finally Simplified My Home

I longed for a simple home, but didn’t see an end to the clutter. I wanted to believe that a simple, welcoming home was possible for me. Then, sometimes more than that, I wanted to give up. I wanted to call it quits on that dream and assume beautiful, simple...
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Why I’m Not a Minimalist

A few “things” keep me from being a minimalist, and it’s not just my curtains or my junk drawer. I’ve been so inspired by minimalists over the years like Joshua, Bea, and Francine. I’ve poured over minimalist homes and have been so...
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Finding a Calm Home in the Chaos of Kids

I love the kids, not the chaos. Those were words, or something like them, that I shared a couple weeks ago as I introduced myself at our table-reading for the Listen to Your Mother show. I love simplicity. I need simplicity, and the last 8+ years of motherhood have...
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My Hope for You + Your Home

I kind of quietly jumped into blogging here on SimplifyingHome.com without much of a “launch” or explanation of the heart behind all of this. I hope this post offers you a little more behind Simplifying Home–why I care, what you’ll find here,...
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You Are One Person

Homemaking would be a piece of cake if it wasn’t for the messy home and the having to “make” something out of it. Oh, and if there was more cake, because that sounds delicious right now. On this day when laundry gathers everywhere, some clean, some...
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Resources to Simplify Your Home + Life

While I care about simplicity and need peace and quiet, for this season, our top priority is growing kids, so sometimes the other stuff gets shoved into the cracks and crevices with the stray cheerios, or left off the to do list with chores like scrub the shower....
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3 Questions to Help You Let Go of More Things

If you use questions like “what if” to excuse keeping your excess belongings, here’s your toolbox for letting go with confidence. I’ve spun my wheels with finding what I thought were legitimate reasons to keep the excess. But I spent good money...
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Two Essential Habits

I used to think simplifying was a complex combination of tricky organization, painful sorting, and eventually becoming a different person, because my struggles with stuff just didn’t seem to mesh with simplicity. The truth is that finding simplicity is actually...
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Finding Simplicity Online

I have a love-hate relationship with technology and especially social media. I spend most of my work time on the computer. Some of that time is spent writing and creating (aka work), and a lot of that time is spent online getting distracted. Whether you work in an...
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Simplifying Home helped me simplify so much of our home and made putting it on the market even easier. Somebody asked if I had to cram stuff into places before a house showing and because of Simplifying Home, I really have nothing to hide anymore! In less than a week of it being for sale we had an offer. Moving is going to be so easy, too!


Three years after buying our first house it wasn’t any closer to looking like a home. I didn’t know where to start. Trina became my source for all things simplifying and gave me the easiest path to follow toward creating a home we love. Without her insight, encouragement, and ideas our house wouldn’t feel like the cozy, simple home that it is today!


By using Trina’s practical solutions for organization and purging, I’ve been able to create a breathable space for my family to call home, and contribute to my community through donation. This inspired a lifestyle change that gently transformed my house into a more peaceful home.