Hi, I’m Trina, the girl behind Simplifying Home. I’m married to a red-bearded man who’s had no desire to be a minimalist; I’m mom to 3 kids who compound my need for simple; and I’m a writer who shares about growing in faith and life on my personal blog BeginnerBeans.com.

I started simplifying with Freecycle when our first baby was a few months old, then we stepped it up when we got rid of a bunch (including sentimental items like my wedding dress) to relocate during a homeless and jobless season. We’ve lived small as a family of a 4 in a 2-bedroom, 1000 sq. ft. apartment, and now we’re a family of 5 living in a 3-bedroom, 1500 sq. ft. townhome. (We moved in on the same day we brought home Baby 3 from the hospital.) All of this has taught me to find beauty in the evolving process and to enjoy peace even in the chaos.

Minimalism is an inspiration in my journey, but it also sometimes felt alienating and exclusive. Being textbook minimalists isn’t our end goal, and I knew it wasn’t the end goal for many of my family and friends. I started sharing our simplifying journey on my personal blog in 2008, partly to motivate me forward, but also to offer encouragement in the mess for fellow reluctant simplifiers.

Our home/story has been shared on Family Sponge, Miss Minimalist, Becoming Minimalist (and contributed a small segment to his book Clutterfree with Kids), and included in Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool Contest in 2012 and 2014.

After several years of doing Apartment Therapy’s Home Cure and my own Project Eliminate decluttering challenges, I organized what worked for me into the Simplifying Home book and this site. Find me on Instagram, and see how we finally simplified our home.