I kind of quietly jumped into blogging here on SimplifyingHome.com without much of a “launch” or explanation of the heart behind all of this. I hope this post offers you a little more behind Simplifying Home–why I care, what you’ll find here, why you being here matters, and my hope for you…

That you would feel validated and understood.

I know and deeply need the value of simple, but I also experience the very real struggle to find it. Distractions are everywhere and I easily get tripped up in my simplicity and focus. I feel that tension daily, and I know others feel it, too. It is my hope that my words and the experiences I share will help you feel validated in your struggle to find simplicity.

That you find help where you are.

Everyone is different and what helps each of us might be different, too. I can’t be all things for all people, but I try to offer a variety–an ebook, blog posts, a Facebook group, updates on Instagram and Twitter, emails, and even some videos. You likely don’t need it all, but hopefully there is something that will meet you where you are. If not, rest assured there are other people that share about simplicity and home that might be more your style. (Becoming Minimalist, Nesting Place, Miss Minimalist, Apartment Therapy, Be More with Less, Konmari… just in case you needed some suggestions ; ) That does not hurt my feelings if you move on to whatever/whoever resonates most. The point is: find support that leads you to action.

That you find benefits beyond your home.

Each day starts and ends at home. That is why I believe getting our lives together–better health, more community, minds at peace–also starts and ends at home. Sure, I want you to create the simple home you’ve always wanted and to be proud of it. More than that, I want you to live a life with purpose and find a deeper sense of satisfaction and contentment. As we work toward the calm of a simple home, may we also find more fulfilling benefits.

That you’ll press into your reluctance.

Some days it feels like I’ve read every word of help, scoured every inspiring photo, and nothing has changed. That’s because encouragement and inspiration are just the beginning. And, really, it’s nothing if it doesn’t lead to action. So I hope above all that you will press into your reluctance and persevere through the resistance to actually make your home simple. It’s up to you. Unless you hire someone to do it for you, but even then they’ll likely still need your involvement.

That you’ll enjoy peace along the way.

None of us is guaranteed the future, that’s why I think it’s so important to enjoy peace and calm now. Even when our homes aren’t all we want them to be and even while we have endless goals still yet to pursue. I believe it’s possible to move forward while enjoying the present. I share more about that in my ebook and encouragement in that also shows up in posts and updates.

Ready for the simple home you’ve always wanted? Or maybe it’s the peace, health, or life purpose you’re after. Whatever the case, I believe it can all start with the foundation of simplifying your home. To learn more, you can checkout the Simplifying Home ebook or sign up for emails.