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Simplifying Home eBook

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Simplifying does not come natural or easy to everyone. A lot of us give up before we really start, and continue to buy and store things we don’t need. Simplifying Home will help you start where you are, embrace the simplifying process, and find peace along the way even in your present chaos. Face your simplifying challenges equipped and ready.

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Product Description

There’s no perfect end goal for simplifying–just a messy process with lots of little successes and joys to be found all along the way. The simplifying process can be overwhelming. This 130+ page ebook will give you the resources and encouragement you need to overcome those challenges and live simply where you are.

This ebook specifically aims to help you:

  • Apply the information with the reflection question or mini challenge at the end of each chapter.
  • Continue the simplifying process year-round with a 4-season simplifying routine.
  • See these ideas put into action through photos of our simple home.
  • Get started simplifying and decluttering with 5 practical first steps.
  • Make your time count with the simple 20-minute decluttering process.
  • Process what to keep and what to get rid of with a list of questions to ask yourself.
  • Find peace of mind even while your home isn’t yet simple.
  • Get ideas on nine specific challenges including simplifying with kids, addressing the closet, wading through digital and print photos, managing tech-time, and more.
  • Consider what a simple home matters beyond this life.
  • Discover your own purpose-driven goals for your home.

Join the Conversation

You’re not alone. Join a community of in-progress simplifiers. Wherever you post aboutSimplifying Home or your home simplifying progress, use the hashtag: #simplifyinghome

Let’s join together to answer each other’s questions, help in the challenges, give virtual high fives when we give things away, and celebrate the little victories along the way.


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