While I care about simplicity and need peace and quiet, for this season, our top priority is growing kids, so sometimes the other stuff gets shoved into the cracks and crevices with the stray cheerios, or left off the to do list with chores like scrub the shower.

There is hope for messy homes–whether you’re focusing on kids or any number of other non-home priorities. Simplifying is doable, even with limited time and energy. Others are paving a way and finding shortcuts so we don’t have to. And any bit of effort creates a foundation to rely on in the crazy.

That’s exactly what I aim to offer here on Simplifying Home–encouragement to start where you are, practical ideas for the simplifying process, and support to find peace along the way. Following are a few specific ways you can get support for your simplifying, even if you can’t focus on it fulltime.

blog posts on simplifying

Of course, you can find posts here on the Simplifying Home blog. These posts offer little nuggets to encourage your simplifying journey and offer practical ideas for helping you make it happen.

emails to help simplify your home this year

I share resources and simple ideas to encourage your own simplifying process at your own pace. All for free. Sign up for emails >> here.

facebook group for ongoing encouragement + support

When you sign up for emails, your welcome email offers a link to the private Simplifying Home Facebook group. This is a place to share your progress, get ideas from others, and stay motivated in your simplifying journey. It’s also an easy way to contact me and stay up-to-date on what’s new from Simplifying Home.


This is the hashtag I use for any posts on Simplifying Home that I share on Instagram or Twitter. These feeds will include anything from related inspiration, my own progress, insights from the ebook, what’s new, and more. You’re also welcome to use #simplifyinghome for your own home and simplifying related posts so hopefully those feeds grow to be a fun collection of simplifying posts to browse.

ebook to get inspired + equipped in theory and in practice

My ebook Simplifying Home is what started all of this. It’s the place to read our story, get all of the practical information for the simplifying process, as well as inspiration on the deeper motivations behind it all. You can get more information and see a preview inside the ebook >> here.

I hope this helps you get started simplifying wherever you are, and enjoy a little peace along the way.