Hi, my name is Trina and I’d love to help you find the simple, put-together home you’ve always dreamed of.

What you may not realize is that it starts now in your present chaos where the simplifying process doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. Progress builds on progress, so every little bit of effort is worth it. Plus, there is plenty of peace to be found along the way… so let’s get started!

Below are 5 Tips for Simplifying and a little more about what you can expect from me.

5 Tips for Simplifying

1. Dream Big

Don’t let the details of your current home or circumstances stop you from dreaming of the home and life you’d love to create. What is that Olympic-sized dream you have for your space? You may not get there today, but your choices today could definitely lead there. Let this vision for your home inspire you and motivate you through the challenges ahead. This has helped us create the home of our dreams even though we have yet to live in the house of our dreams. Read the short version of our simplifying journey >> here.

2. Learn (and Do) the Simplifying Basics

Whether you’re new to simplifying or if you’ve been through this before, refreshing on the basics of the simplifying process will make the most of your limited time, money, and energy. If you intentionally bring in less and send out more, you will find simplicity quicker than you might think. Say “no” to unnecessary belongings, follow a space-by-space decluttering process, arm yourself with questions for quick decisions. I can help. Sign up for emails here.

3. Don’t Simplify Alone

We know that accountability and support improves success with goals related to food and exercise, but we forget it helps in goals like simplifying our homes. You don’t have to directly invite someone into your messy closet to get the benefits of community. I’ve felt alone in my simplifying journey in the past, so I thought of a couple ways to rally the simplifying troops, so to speak. Get ongoing support in the private Facebook group (link available in your welcome email); browse #SimplifyingHome on Instagram to see my and others inspiration and progress, and use the hashtag on your own simplifying or home photos to add them to the feed. You don’t have to do this alone!

4. Equip Yourself

If you find yourself feeling stuck, uninspired, or overwhelmed, it might be time to take a little break to better equip yourself for the simplifying journey. Many people have paved the simplifying way and found shortcuts so you don’t have to. Find your favorite sources and read up on the tips, get inspired by the photos, and find suggestions for your challenges. That is what I hope to offer here at Simplifying Home.

5. Enjoy This Season

Today will never happen again. While you may be pining for a simpler, calmer future, there is still plenty of reasons to be thankful and content in the present. Take a moment each day to dwell in and refocus on these areas of gratitude. Especially seek little ways to fill your life with living–the people and experiences that truly make our lives unique and special. I share more about simplifying seasons and pausing on purpose in my ebook, Simplifying Home: Start Where you Are, Embrace the Process, and Find Peace Along the Way.